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Our limited Palo Santo oil has been infusing for an extended period of about 2.5 years. This method can imbue the oil with potent spiritual properties and the essence of Palo Santo's energy.

Here are some spiritual uses for Palo Santo infused oil:

1. **Aura Cleansing:** Palo Santo is traditionally used for cleansing and purifying the aura. Palo Santo infused oil can be applied to the body, particularly at energy centers or along the spine, to help clear negative energy and restore balance to the aura.

2. **Spiritual Protection:** Palo Santo is believed to have protective properties that can shield against negative energies and spiritual disturbances. Applying Palo Santo infused oil to the skin or anointing sacred objects with it can create a protective barrier and enhance spiritual protection.

3. **Meditation:** Palo Santo infused oil can be used as part of meditation practice to deepen spiritual connection and promote inner peace. Apply a small amount to pulse points or the third eye before meditation to create a sacred space and facilitate a deeper connection to the divine.

4. **Anointing Rituals:** Palo Santo infused oil can be used in anointing rituals to consecrate sacred objects, tools, or ceremonial spaces. Use the oil to anoint candles, altars, crystals, or ritual tools to infuse them with the energy of Palo Santo and amplify their spiritual significance.

5. **Spiritual Healing:** Palo Santo is associated with spiritual healing and emotional well-being. Using Palo Santo infused oil in energy healing practices, such as Reiki or chakra balancing, can help facilitate energetic healing and promote emotional release and spiritual growth.

6. **Divination:** Palo Santo infused oil can be used to anoint divination tools, such as tarot cards, runes, or pendulums, to cleanse and consecrate them before use. The scent of Palo Santo can also help create a sacred and focused atmosphere for divination work.

7. **Ritual Baths:** Adding a few drops of Palo Santo infused oil to a ritual bath can enhance the spiritual cleansing and purification process. Use the oil to cleanse the body, release negative energy, and prepare for spiritual rituals or ceremonies.

8. **Connecting with Spirit Guides:** Palo Santo is often used to deepen connections with spirit guides, ancestors, and higher realms. Apply Palo Santo infused oil before meditation, prayer, or spiritual journeying to invite guidance, protection, and wisdom from spiritual allies.

When using Palo Santo infused oil for spiritual purposes, it's essential to set clear intentions and work with the oil mindfully and respectfully. Palo Santo is considered sacred in many cultures, so honoring its energy and origins is important in spiritual practices.

15ml dropper bottle.


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