Your friendly neighborhood herbalist ☺️🌱

Hi there! My name is Janet Heredia, I’m a jewelry artist turned herbalist and aromatherapist from Miami. I have a passion for creating unique and sustainable products, and i’ve been crafting beautiful jewelry pieces since 2017.

in 2020, during the lockdown, I discovered the incredible world of essential oils and plants but it was more so something I used at home. with nothing to do during lockdown, I was intrigued and decided to deepen my knowledge with online classes, workshops and seminars and shortly after, I got certified.



Fast forward to 2022, I was featured on Deco Drive TV, and was recognized for my jewelry creations. I’ve slowed down making jewelry and nowadays I am mostly dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality herbal products. But every now and then; when I feel inspired, I’ll still play around with jewelry.


Formulating unique blends and experimenting with different herbs, I’m always up for pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities and ways to extract and blend herbs to create synergistic blends.

With a strong belief in the power of nature and a desire to make a positive impact, I am dedicated to crafting products that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious.

Listen, It’s not just about making a name for myself; it's about sharing my passions and inspiring others to explore the incredible gifts that we all have within us and to not be afraid to pursue our dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem.