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Venus and Phoenix LLC

Manifest & Protect kit

Manifest & Protect kit

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Manifest & Protect jars are here! Perfect for the road! Use the items in the jar for cleansing your home, car, yourself and even hotel rooms! Use the canister for moon water when you’re done!

Inside you will find a mini scrol that explains all of the Magical properties within each item in the jar. You will also find a few mantras to help you during your cleansing rituals. Three mantras Included one is for protection, one for love and peace and one of them is great if you’re selling your home it will help boost the energy and attract buyers and $$$ !!!

Included inside:

Sage (cleansing and protecting)

Palo santo (positive energy)

Cinnamon (protection, wealth)
Dragon’s blood (protection, spirituality)

Tourmaline (groumding, emf protection, protection against negative energies)

Rose Quartz (love, relationships, protection)

Amethyst (connection to spirit, intuition, 3rd eye opener)


FELLAS, if you want one without the flower embellishment, just leave a note at checkout 😉 

I  got you!


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