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Venus and Phoenix LLC

Custom Aromatherapy rollers

Custom Aromatherapy rollers

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Specific needs

As a certified Aromatherapist I spend my life studying and learning the medicinal properties of plants and how they can better serve us emotionally, spiritually and physically. 


I have put together a few blends to help aid a few common ailments that I’ve been commissioned for over time.


these blends have helped so many friends and family that most can’t go without them! Me included!

made with only the highest grade essential oils and herbal i infusions. 

what makes MY product stand out from the rest is that I take my time to make my own carrier oils to which only amplify the healing and medicinal properties within the plant matter and essence.


if what you are looking for is not available in the list, please send a request to: 

or click that “CHAT” icon on the bottom right of the website to speak directly with someone and order.





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