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Crystals in my bra

Crystals in my bra

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What I have discovered is that more and more people interested in the energy and healing powers of crystals and stones sometimes have difficulties keeping them safe from being lost or broken when carrying them.  So I decided to create a comfortable pouch to keep them safe by attaching the pouch to an undergarment strap, a pocket, a purse or even a backpack. 


With my multiple design options, there is no limit as to what treasures you would want to keep with you.  Your treasure can be a crystal, a coin, a key, a family keepsake, a note from a loved one or a spiritual symbol.


Keeping Your Crystals, Stones and

Treasures Safe and

Close to Your Heart 

Many people love to wear or carry their crystals and stones with them throughout the day.  It is a great way to receive the maximum benefit of the energy they emit.  You can wear them in jewelry, carry them in your pocket, in your backpack and you would be surprised to know how many of our customers carry crystals in their bra.

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