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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

Attraction oil is a common tool in various forms of witchcraft and rituals, often used to draw in specific energies, desires, or outcomes. Its uses can vary depending on the tradition, intent, and personal preference of the practitioner. Here are some common ways attraction oil may be used in witchcraft and rituals:

1. **Love Spells**: Attraction oil is frequently used in love spells to attract a romantic partner or enhance existing relationships. It can be applied to candles, sachets, or directly to the skin with the intention of drawing love and affection into one's life.

2. **Prosperity Spells**: Some practitioners use attraction oil to attract wealth, abundance, and financial opportunities. It may be anointed onto money, wallets, or business-related items to enhance success and prosperity.

3. **Career and Success Spells**: Similar to prosperity spells, attraction oil can be used to draw in career opportunities, promotions, and success in endeavors. It might be applied to resumes, job applications, or items related to one's profession.

4. **General Attraction and Magnetism**: Attraction oil can be used more broadly to attract positive energies, opportunities, and experiences into one's life. This could include attracting friendships, opportunities for personal growth, or positive outcomes in various situations.

5. **Spiritual Work**: In spiritual practices, attraction oil may be used to attract spiritual guides, wisdom, or experiences. It could be anointed onto candles or altars to enhance spiritual connections or attract specific energies during meditation or ritual work.

6. **Protection and Warding**: In some cases, attraction oil might be used in protective magic to attract positive energies that act as a barrier against negativity or harm. It could be applied to protective amulets, charms, or thresholds to create a shield of positive energy.

7. **Anointing Tools**: Attraction oil can also be used to consecrate and empower magical tools, such as wands, athames, or crystals, with the intention of attracting the energies needed for effective spellwork or ritual practice.

When using attraction oil in witchcraft and rituals, it's important to focus on your intention, visualize the desired outcome, and imbue the oil with your energy and intent. 


1 ounce glass dropper bottle. 

ingredients include: cinnamon, vanilla bean, orange peel and our house blend of herbs and flowers that correspond with the intention of attracting. infused in fractionated coconut oil.

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