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Money Bowl Ritual Kit

Money Bowl Ritual Kit

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A money bowl, also known as a prosperity bowl or abundance bowl, is a traditional tool used in various cultures and spiritual practices to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Here's a short overview of its uses and history:

1. **Usage:** A money bowl typically consists of a bowl or container filled with specific items, such as coins, gemstones, herbs, or other symbolic objects, that are believed to attract financial prosperity and abundance. It's often placed in a prominent location in the home or workplace as a focal point for manifesting wealth and prosperity.

2. **Symbolism:** The items placed in the money bowl hold symbolic significance related to wealth and abundance. For example, coins represent monetary wealth, gemstones may symbolize prosperity and abundance, and herbs like basil or cinnamon are associated with attracting money and success.

3. **Intention Setting:** Creating a money bowl involves setting clear intentions for attracting wealth and abundance into one's life. Practitioners may engage in rituals or affirmations while preparing the bowl, focusing their thoughts and energy on manifesting their financial goals.

4. **Cultural and Spiritual Roots:** The practice of using bowls or containers to attract prosperity has roots in various cultural and spiritual traditions around the world. For example, in Feng Shui, a money bowl placed in the wealth corner of the home is believed to enhance financial prosperity. Similarly, in African and African-American spiritual traditions, such as Hoodoo or Voodoo, money bowls are used in rituals for attracting luck and abundance.

5. **Personalization:** Money bowls can be personalized according to individual beliefs, cultural practices, and spiritual traditions. Some practitioners may incorporate specific items or symbols that resonate with their personal connection to wealth and abundance.

6. **Maintenance:** Regularly tending to the money bowl, such as adding new coins or refreshing the contents, is often recommended to maintain its energetic potency and effectiveness in attracting prosperity.

Overall, the money bowl serves as a tangible tool for focusing intention, harnessing positive energy, and inviting financial abundance into one's life, drawing upon both cultural traditions and spiritual practices aimed at manifesting wealth and prosperity.

Comes with:

✨Our custom money, rice blend.

✨Our custom money oil

✨Tumbled crystal 

✨cinnamon sticks

✨Bay leaf to write your intentions on

✨Green candle 

✨Good fortune incense 


Remember, To Keep, The Money Flo Going and and Out of your bowl. Leaving the bowl unattended can cause your money flow to go stagnant. 


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